Bodywork for Singles & Couples

Melbourne invites the True Sensualist, the spiritually conscious pleasure seeker, to discover the ancient treasures of tantric pleasures. 




Learn and Experience Tantra through Erotic Play

Erotic Sessions and Master Classes By Appointment 


Ancient Eastern societies believed that each individual was the earthly manifestation of the God and Goddess. This belief held each individual responsible for their moral behavior to match that of the Gods. The Sanskrit word Namaste (na-ma-stay) exemplifies this concept. It is used as a greeting and means "the divine in me sees the divine in you." When we can overlook the little nuisances that bother us about our lovers, & hold our lover in a divine light, our relationships are much more fun and meaningful.

A deep sense of Spirit and Spirituality is easy to create, especially in our bedrooms. The bedroom helps set the mood when you awake in the morning, and it's your last sense of place at night when you go to sleep. Combining the Sensual with the Spiritual can birth a fresh essence in your relationship.


 Visit our Tantra Temple for an authentic Tantra Experience Session...

You will learn the ancient art of Tantra at the same time as experiencing it.

Imagine a space, where you can enter an understanding of your sacred self with lessons from your sacred Goddess, where you can be more in tune with your sexual self and learn all about your inert sexual potential.

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