White Tigress Oral ...


Traditionally passed down in secret through the courtesan societies of ancient China, the white tigress oral techniques of the courtesan were used to revitalise the sexual and spiritual energies of the men upon whom she bestowed her favours.

The touch of her hands made the stiff and cold pliable and warm, and the dull and tired awake and energetic. Developed from traditional Taoist wisdom on restoring health, vitality and longevity, her bodywork coupled with the oral stimulated the flow of blood and sexual energy (ching) through the muscles and joints, activated the meridians and acupressure points throughout the body, and moved stagnant qi to circulate qi correctly throughout the body.


On an external level, this is a “feel good” sensation, but internally, it is also a “sexual-spiritual” experience. The stimulation of ching (sexual energy) and the movement of qi (life force) awaken the spirit (shen), which transports the receiver into a relaxed and blissful state. Through the use of qi gong (breathing exercises), the courtesan also awakens the sexual and spiritual energies within herself. 


Hence, both the courtesan and her man will experience this inner transformation.

Come and experience the soft yin energy of the courtesan, and allow her feminine energy to both strengthen and calm your masculine yang energy.

Leave feeling relaxed, revitalized, whole, and loved.

Experience the white tigress oral for yourself!    

Always Protected.


White Tigress on you only.. $350 1 hr.

Mutual White Tigress   .. $400