PROSTATE . . . Male G Spot
For a man, the G spot is found in the Anus. A sensitive and amazing experience for most men, the G Spot activation can be a life-changing event for many Men. A woman can work with bringing you the most mind-blowing orgasmic experience in this area of your body that you would be wanting more. 
A full body-to-body experience, including Lingam (penis) stimulation and a wonderful G Spot Orgasmic experience. 
$+100 on any session

YONI . . .     Female G Spot

A gentle seduction of the female G-Spot. Learn the process of finding it, activating it and allowing her to reac her orgsmic potential through instruction on body to body and Yoni Gspot work. The word Yoni Means - Sacred Space.. and it the Tanric work for the female Genitalia. 

Be guided on the goddess on how to find and open and expand this area so that you can do this for your woman.  Includes a gorgous body to body and lingam (penis) release .

This is an EROTIC Mutual Experience...